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Manchester to Blackpool 2 Wheel Ride

You have been invited to take part in the Manchester to Blackpool two wheel ride on Sunday the 8th of July 2012, in aid of Lyndsey Roughton and her charity Purple Heart.

Starting from Manchester United Football Ground at Old Trafford, this invigorating ride will take yo…u along country lanes to the finish on the South Promenade at Blackpool, where you can enjoy a barbecue, live music and well-earned massage (not to mention a well-earned drink in the beer tent!). The time frame allows you 10 hours to complete the ride, starting at 06:30, this allows us time to stop off for a well earned pie and pint for lunch. Entry for the ride can be submitted individually; however we would love to make a group entry in order to represent the Purple Heart Charity in aid of Lyndsey. Group entry is £16.50 and Susan is providing each entry that rides for Lyndsey with a Purple Heart T-shirt. The more people that ride the more money we can raise and in turn spread the word…

Manchester to Blackpool 2012-07-08

On Sunday the 8th of July, 16 Pedal Pushers from aroundManchesterclubbed together to ride 60 miles toBlackpoolin aid of Lyndsey Roughton  Purple Heart Brain Tumour Fund

 With only a few of the Pedal Pushers regular riders this was a daunting task for the rest of the team. In addition to this, the unpredictable weather pattern that had been occurring was putting increased emphasis on the difficulty of the ride.

The Pedal Pushers met at Old Trafford Football Ground at 08:00am; with an hour to prepare for the charity ride ahead. Greeted by Lyndsey, the Pedal Pushers were kitted out in Purple Heart t-shirts and the proceedings of the day were communicated to the participating riders (in the instance the team was split up). Start time was 9:00am… 

The team consisted of various skill sets with regards to riding a bike; it therefore didn’t take long for individuals to break away from one another. The result of this was that fellow Pedal Pushers began to ride in groups of three or four, pairs, and even solo.

 At approximately 20 Mile intervals, I (Andy) would ride ahead in search of an appropriate place to stop for a well-earned rest. This gave the Pedal Pushers the opportunity to exchange stories about the previous miles completed.

 I think Pedal Pushers alike would agree that the first twenty miles went extremely well, team moral was high and it was absolutely the most enjoyable of the grueling 60 miles (apart from the last mile with Lyndsey that is). At the first pit stop we were rewarded with food and plenty of fluids (including a cheeky pint). The event was extremely well planned and after a split front tire, a kind mechanic supporting the event assisted Hannah to a full replacement. This level of support continued throughout the route.

 As we set off for the next twenty miles the weather appeared to be holding out and under no impression did we think it would stay that way.

The next and final pit stop would be just pastPreston. At this point I realised we had been on the road for four hours… My backside was definitely starting to tell me that I should have worn padded shorts!

On reaching the stop we all had a well-earned rest, and a final pint for good measure. To my amazement, all of the pedal pushers arrived at the meeting point within twenty minutes of each other. At this point I should point out that Jenny and Katie were completing the ride on a Brompton fold-up bike. To get this far and keep up on a bike with the wheel size one third of a regular bike was a tremendous effort, the team would agree they were doing amazing.

As we left for the final stretch along picturesque country lines, a marshal informed us there were only 17 miles left. With the sun beaming down, we hit the steepest incline of the ride… A 200m slope that as you bared right over the junction looked likeMount Everest.

I was with Jarvis at this point and considered getting off. I was sure he had the same track of thought, but thinking better of it I leaned forward on my fixed gear bike and gave it everything, just hoping Jarvis was doing the same. As I peeled into the junction almost stationary at this point, I looked back… like a true Welsh man he was right on my tail.

We had arranged to meet Lyndsey 1 mile from the finish line so that she could join the group, and ride over the finish with her fellow pedal pushers. Lyndsey had always insisted she would ride the full 60 miles with her team; however the organisers had made the decision that they could only allow her to ride the final mile due to her circumstances.

As I passed the final 10-mile mark, I approached the coast ofLytham St Anne’s… This for me is when the ride really started to test us both mentally and physically. The cloud had drawn in and the head wind had picked up. As I am sure was the case with every rider, each corner you turned you would desperately seek sight of the tower, so often was the case and instead you were greeted by another long stretch of coastal road.

It felt like a lifetime on the legs before I eventually spotted the ‘Big One’, not long after that we approached Lyndsey, her mum Sue, and aunty Liz. Jarvis and me agreed that had been the toughest stretch of the day, explaining to Lyndsey it may be a while till others reached this point. Within Twenty minutes of me saying that, the last few Pedal Pushers joined us. I was amazed and I honestly would not have been surprised if anyone had stopped for rest on that final stretch.

In true fashion each and every one of the Pedal Pushers came through with the strength and determination we see so often in Lyndsey. With team Moral sky high the riders started to approach one by one ready for Lyndsey to ride the final mile with us.

On crossing the finish line, Lyndsey’s story echoed from speakers across the crowd. The sense of achievement and pride in the pedal pushers was truly unique and will stay with us forever. The day 16 friends rode 60 miles for a very special and honourable lady, Lyndsey Roughton.

I would like to take the time to thank team Pedal pushers for their attendance in the ride and the efforts they made as a team. Paula Maxwell, Harry Isaac Hitman, Steven Davidson, Carl Haslam, Jack Burling, Kristin Jarvis, Lyndsey Roughton, Andy Barton, Hanna Anderson, Melissa Valentine, Katie Maxwell, Jenny Maxwell, Jack Barton, Anthony Green, Natalie Pilling, Blondie . Thank you.

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